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Founded in 1998, we are headquartered
in Bong County, Liberia, West Africa.

Why We Are Here:  As a result of the crisis which engulfed Liberia during the 1990s most schools were either closed or Childrendestroyed. An entire generation lost its chance for an education. The Keenan Institute was founded on the premise that Liberia cannot fully heal from the wounds of war until its young people are educated.  

It has long been the dream of Reverend Prince Wreh and his wife, Relhetta, both citizens of Liberia, to provide educational opportunities to young people.  Americans Steve and Jackie Keenan, former Peace Corps teachers in Liberia, shared this same vision. Together, with the support of many generous donors, they continue to have a positive impact on the lives of young Liberians.

Jackie Keenan and Relhetta Wreh.

OUR MISSION:  To equip students with confidence and self-reliance through education and training and especially to empower women to be agents of positive change in society.


"Those who do not know can know from learning."



West African symbol for knowledge and lifelong education.

Our heartfult thanks go to our supporters:

The Aid to Africa committee of St. Christopher's Church of Chatham, Mass.

Phriends of Phebe

Grace Church, Madison N.J.

Chatham Rotary Club, Chatham Mass.

Carol and Charles Rader

Right-to-Play International

Friends of Liberia, Washington, D.C.

CEMESP, Monrovia, Liberia







Fast Facts


Capital: Monrovia;

Language: English, 20 ethnic languages

Life Expectancy: 49

Literacy Percent: 58

History: Liberia was founded as a Commonwealth by freed slaves from the United States in 1822 and declared an independent republic in 1847.

(Source: National Geographic)